Hapic Virtous Women

On behalf of the entire women of HAPIC, Pastor Chinyere G. Okorie, would like to welcome you to His Awesome Presenec Internationl Church. We are happy people and we enjoy His Awesome Presence in all our services and families. You are not on this page by mistake.
We pray that the Power of God will overwhelm your situations and conditions right now. We prophesy that the Glory and the Presence of God will refresh you in the Name of the Almight God. May your Journey into your destiny and positive future begin right now. May God release all you need to become whome you are
design to be. You must smile again and again in Jesus Name.

I, Georgenia Okorie, encourage you to come visit us, and I promise you, your life will never be the same again.

The purpose of the HAPIC VIRTUOUS WOMEN (HVW) is to relate the entire womanhood to the whole goal and purpose of her life, her family and the church. Through our programs of worship, study, prayer, service, gifts, and fellowship, each woman ends up finding her purpose in the body of Christ. God has transformed a lot of women through HVW. We are happy to say that many wives, mothers and single parents are smiling today through the selfess cares of HVW.

Our Programs


The leaders of this department and our pastor, Chinyere Okorie are working so hard in making this department what it should practically be. Every second Saturday of the month, the HVW visits the homeless, juvenile rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, shelter homes, prisons, … Continue Reading »


This program is organized by our General Overseer, Uche Okorie, together with our first lady, Chinyere Okorie. This program is geared towards exposing women, husbands, wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, families, marriages, etc. to the truth – “WIFE IS A FAVOR”. This program … Continue Reading »


HAPIC Victorious Women are not talkers; they are also doers. We are examples of biblical Esther and Hannah. Our church, HAPIC, is a powerful praying church. The women of this church pray until things happen, hence our monthly prayer program, “Fire for … Continue Reading »