It is unsafe to be outside His Awesome Presence



His Awesome Presence International Church, HAPIC, is much more than a place where we gather to worship God on Sunday mornings. We also offer many other services. We visit the needy-homes like prison, shelters, hospitals, etc, where we impact "His Awesome Presence" in lives. God has used us to cause many changes to lives.

We also have food bank, clothes, children supplies, etc, for those who are in need.

Don't forget that HAPIC is a center of solution to those that need God's intervention. We conduct deliverance services, prayer programs, healing services, educational services, financial services, singles' programs, youth programs, rehabilitation programs, counseling programs, children programs, etc, to our members and neighbors. we run and support missionary works too.

We are working hard to open more branches in many other cities, states, and countries.

God has given us seriously anointed men and women of God that operate under serious and undiluted anointing of the Holy Ghost.

Please we encourage you to contact us in case you need our help. We are equipped to help you.

We are here for you.