It is unsafe to be outside His Awesome Presence

Welcome to

His Awesome Presence
International Church (HAPIC)

All things are possible to those that believe

We welcome you to His Awesome Presence International Church (HAPIC).In HAPIC, we believe that “all things are possible to them that believe.” Here, in HAPIC, we always enjoy the presence of God. Our sincere prayer for you is that you never lose any battle.

We pray that God empowers you to overcome everything that might come your way. May He that can do all things enlarge your coast!

We also pray that God will always make way for you where there is no way. May He provide water for you even in your wilderness! His Awesome Presence will go with you everywhere you go. We also pray that the Strength and the Glory of God will reflect upon you in every area of your life. Your enemies will fall by their swords.

We have devoted our time to pray for you because we know how precious you are to us. We pray that God will always give seed to the sower. The Strong and Mighty Hand of God will never go far from you. We pray that your morning, afternoon, and night be covered with Miracles and the Grace of God. Shame and Reproach will not come around you. No evil will come around your dwelling…

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